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Full Arch Teeth Implants : Upper Jaw

Patients who have lost all of their upper teeth usually feel miserable wearing full dentures.

The main disadvantages of wearing a full denture:

1)Looseness while eating and talking
2)Poor taste due to the large piece of acrylic that covers the palate
3)Low self-esteem because they associate dentures with older people and thus feel older themselves

With recent advances in implant dentistry , it is now possible for patients who has lost all their upper teeth to have fixed teeth again with dental implants .

FAQ on full arch teeth replacement with dental implants.

I have been wearing a full denture on the upper jaw for many years. Can I have dental implants ?

This will depend on the amount of bone available and whether any bone grafting is required. If you are a full denture wearer for many years, some form of bone grafting is required before dental implants can be placed. (Read more)

external sinus lift , ramus block graft, hip graft.

How long will the dental implant treatment  take ?

Depending on the type and amount of bone grafting, the dental implant  process will take between 4- 12 months.

Is  dental implant treatment a painful process ?

With modern dental implant techniques, you should not feel any pain during the procedure. For patients who are more anxious about the procedure, the surgery can be done under sedation in the clinic. Sedation will relax you during the procedure and the best part is that you will not remember the procedure afterwards.

Will I be without my false teeth during the treatment period ?

You will not be without teeth for any prolonged period as we can reline your  existing full denture with a comfortable soft liner and you can leave the clinic with your original set of teeth.

Can all full denture patients have a full arch fixed  dental implant bridge ?

With  recent  advances in dental implant surgical techniques and bone grafting materials, most full denture patients can have dental implants. However, in some instances where the bone shrinkage  is too great , dental implants will be contraindicated.

How do I know whether I am a suitable candidate for full arch dental implants ?

You have to come in for a thorough clinical and x-ray examination.  Our in- office Cone Beam Ct Scan will provide an accurate 3 dimensional assessment of the amount of  jaw bone  available for dental implants and whether any bone grafting is required.  

How successful are dental implants ?

Modern dental implants have a success rate of 95 %

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